James Madison Marketing Student Websites for Fall 2010

I am very pleased to present the websites from my fall 2010 students enrolled in MKTG 470 at James Madison University.  Last week, each student successfully purchased a WordPress hosting plan and a .com domain name using  GoDaddy.com.  While waiting for their accounts to get set up, they worked on some HTML coding.

During the next week, my students will begin transforming their WordPress site into a unique creation.  At first, they will learn how to establish a site theme, edit their “ABOUT” page, create new web pages, manage their navigational bar, create permalinks, get their blog started, customize authorship of their blog, work with widgets, add images to their website, and create hyperlinks to images and text.  Later in the course, students will explore various plug-ins for search engine optimization and site analytics, change their site theme to reflect their individual personalities, add blog posts, create favicons, enable social media sharing, and much more.

I am very excited to help my JMU Marketing students hone their technological skills. Upon completing the technology segment of my course, I hope my students are prepared to evaluate and apply current technologies to support and enable the strategic internet marketing function.

As of 9:30 a.m. on September 16, 2010, all student websites appeared identical like the image below.

Come back to my site to see how they transform their sites during the next few weeks.  I am confident that the fall 2010 class of MKTG 470 students will be dazzling.  Below is a listing of my fall 2010 students and their URLs.

Amanda Thompson http://amandalht.com
Amy Todd http://amymtodd.com
Ashley Magness http://ashleymagness.com
Andrew Voigt http://awvoigt.com
Brett Raeburn http://brettraeburn.com
Brittany Barber http://brittanyabarber.com
Brittany Bazzle http://brittanymarketer.com
Brett Cabrera http://btcdukes.com
Carolyn Russell http://carolynerussell.com
Casey Davenport http://caseydavenport.com
Christopher Kilgus http://christopherck.com
Dana McManamon http://danaliza.com
David Crimmel http://davidcrimmel.com
David Meyer http://davidmmeyer.com
Drew Baer http://drewbaer.com
Elizabeth Schwieder http://ekschwieder.com
Emily Power http://emilypowerjmu.com
Nathan Chua http://ensees.com
Erika Hard http://erikaworkshard.com
Daniel Connell http://freeovechkin.com
Gary Politi http://garypoliti.com
Heather Cabot http://heathercabot.com
Heather Trumble http://heathertrumble.com
Jaclyn Misiag http://jackiemisiag.com
Jared Ruppert http://jaredruppert.com
Jason Magee http://jasonryanmagee.com
Jeanne’ Roberts http://jeannelroberts.com
Jessica Dante http://jessica-dante.com
Jessica Hall http://jessicalhall.com
Jessica Schwenk http://jessicaschwenk.com
Juan Tisera http://jmtisera.com
John Giardiniere http://johnaronmusic.com
Joshua Berndt http://joshberndtonline.com
Karen Stefanski http://karenstefanski.com
Kathryn Macrides http://kathrynmacrides.com
KC Stottlar http://kcstottlar.com
Kendall New http://kendallnew.com
Kendall Walton http://kendallwalton.com
Nadia Khan http://khannf.com
Katie Marcello http://ktmarcello.com
Kyle Lane http://kylellege.com
Lauren Catino http://laurencatino.com
Lauren Hall http://laurenjhall.com
Larissa Cookson http://lcookson.com
Lindsay Keller http://lindskeller.com
Linn Baumgardt http://linnbaumgardt.com
Dana Verner http://marketmedv.com
Matthew Dixon http://matthewrdixon.com
Meaghan McDonald http://meaghanmcdonald.com
Melissa DeFuria http://melissadefuria.com
Melissa Williams http://melissasarah.com
Katie Ward http://myladykatie.com
Nicole DiSalvo http://nicoledisalvo.com
Nicole Parros http://nicoleparros.com
Pamela Arias http://pamela-ariastapia.com
Patty Caltabiano http://pattycaltabiano.com
Ryan Miley http://ryanmiley.com
Sarah Pryor http://sarahbpryor.com
Sarah Bonner http://sarahmbonner.com
Sarah Longwell http://sarahrlongwell.com
Scott Redgate http://scottredgate.com
Emily Senn http://sennem.com
Stephanie Van Deusen http://shvandeusen.com
Emily Troxel http://troxinabox.com
Timmy Donohue http://xxdeucedeucexx.com

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