Google AdWords Exercise – Fall 2012

adwords My Strategic Internet Marketing students recently completed a major course assignment using Google AdWords.  The primary learning objective was to acquire hands on experience using AdWords to drive traffic to any one of their own web pages and any one of their own blog posts of their choice.

Through this assignment, students developed skills in paid search (pay-per-click marketing).   With a total account budget of $25.00 and a window of 21 possible days, students had an opportunity to learn how to structure accounts, create campaigns and Ad Groups, develop and manage keyword lists, utilize effective matching options, test ad copy using A/B testing, modify keyword bids,  assess account performance, adjust daily budgets, utilize keyword tools, and much more.  Students were also treated to an informative presentation about Search Engine Marketing by Brianne Keating and Jessica Baines from Plow & Hearth.

I wish to recognize a few students from my Fall 2012 Internet Marketing class for exceptional performance in a few key areas from this assignment:

I also wish to thank Sarah Carpenter (former MKTG 470 student, 2012 JMU Google Challenge participant, and future employee at the Rimm-Kaufman Group) for guiding an AdWords workshop for my students.

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