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Finding Free or Low-cost Images for Student Websites

One of my MKTG 470 students recently asked where and how to find free images for his website.  Kudos to my JMU Marketing student for understanding and respecting the intellectual property and copyright of others.

Be careful about doing a search in Google Images or Bing Images.  While you will likely to see many attractive images on their search engine results (SERP) pages, it may be difficult to determine the exact nature of the copyright.  To avoid legal entanglements, consider going to websites that clearly explain the restrictions regarding image use.  For example, outlines the terms of use on their homepage and Flickr provides searching based on license type.

Some sites provide free images, some provide royalty free photos that can be used openly by paying one-time usage rights, and some require more significant fees for long-term use.   Below are a few resources that I prefer (free and paid).  If there are others that you would like to recommend, feel free to contact me or provide a comment on this blog post.

To compress your images, check out

Twitter IDs from MKTG 470 Students (Fall 2010)

Follow my MKTG 470 class in Twitter.

Pamela Arias PamAriasT
Drew Baer baerandrew
Evan Balaber balabeeb
Brittany Barber brittany926b
Linn Baumgardt LinnGB
Brittany Bazzle brittanybazzle
Joshua Berndt joshberndt12
Sarah Bonner smb1213
Heather Cabot heathcabot
Brett Cabrera bcab17
Patty Caltabiano PattyCaltabiano
Lauren Catino laurencatino
Nathan Chua natechua
Daniel Connell danconnell92
Larissa Cookson Cooksonlh
David Crimmel Dcrimmel
Jessica Dante Jessdante
Casey Davenport CaseyDavenport
Melissa DeFuria MDeFuria
Nicole DiSalvo nicole11675
Matthew Dixon dixonmr19
Timothy Donohue tjdonohue22
John Giardiniere johnaron
Jessica Hall jesslhall
Lauren Hall hall2lj
Erika Hard erikagraham5
Lindsay Keller lindskeller
Nadia Khan khannf
Christopher Kilgus bigpapasmurff
Kyle Lane MastaLane
Sarah Longwell lo_sr
Kathryn Macrides kmacrides
Jason Magee jasonrmagee
Ashley Magness magnesam
Katie Marcello ktmarcello
Meaghan McDonald McDonaldMK3
Dana McManamon mcmanade
David Meyer dmeyer489
Ryan Miley RyanAMiley
Jaclyn Misiag misiagjm
Kendall New kendallnew
Nicole Parros nicoleparros
Gary Politi gpoliti
Emily Power emily_power
Sarah Pryor SBPry
Brett Raeburn brettrae
Scott Redgate redgatst
Jeanne Roberts JLRroberts
Jared Ruppert RuppertJMU
Carolyn Russell carolynerussell
Jessica Schwenk jessa888
Elizabeth Schwieder ekschwieder
Emily Senn sennem
Karen Stefanski stefanskr
KC Stottlar KCStottlar
Amanda Thompson amndalht
Juan Tisera tiserajm
Amy Todd amytodd818
Emily Troxel MLEEAnn09
Heather Trumble htrumble
Stephanie Van Deusen shvandeusen
Dana Verner vernerdana
Andrew Voigt awvoigt
Kendall Walton IKendallAshley
Katie Ward kayteeward
Melissa Williams MSWilliams424

MKTG 490 and the 2011 Google Online Marketing Challenge at JMU

Do you want to participate in the 2011 Google Online Marketing Challenge at JMU?  If so read the online challenge information for students and check out the Google Online Marketing Challenge on Facebook to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

To participate in the 2011 challenge under the direction of Dr. Theresa B. Clarke, complete the MKTG 490 Application no later than October 28, by 5:00 p.m. EST to apply for a spot in the Special Topics in Marketing course.  The MKTG 490 course can count as a marketing elective for both B2B and B2C marketing concentrators.   The class will meet on Fridays from 2:00p-5:00p during the spring semester.  I hope to notify students via e-mail of their acceptance or rejection no later than November 1, 2010.

JMU Marketing Teams Excelled in the 2010 Google Online Marketing Challenge.  In the 2010 Challenge, all five JMU teams performed in the “semi-finalist” category which means they performed better than at least 2,326 global participating teams. [Source:].

The JMU student teams from the 2008 and 2009 Challenges attained global recognition (see Students Wanted for the 2010 Google Online Marketing Challenge).  Stephanie Scheper, a JMU Marketing ’09 grad, said “I learned so much from participating in the Challenge.  I can say with 100% confidence that I consider it the project I got the largest ROI out of in college.” 

In 2009, one of the JMU Marketing teams was named the Americas Winner.  Check out the photo essay of JMU Marketing Students at the Googleplex.
In 2008, one of the JMU Marketing teams was named a Finalist. Read about the 2008 Marketing Challenge Finalists visiting the Googleplex.
I look forward to working with 15 new students for the 2011 Challenge.  Good luck to all MKTG 490 applicants!

James Madison Marketing Student Websites for Fall 2010

I am very pleased to present the websites from my fall 2010 students enrolled in MKTG 470 at James Madison University.  Last week, each student successfully purchased a WordPress hosting plan and a .com domain name using  While waiting for their accounts to get set up, they worked on some HTML coding.

During the next week, my students will begin transforming their WordPress site into a unique creation.  At first, they will learn how to establish a site theme, edit their “ABOUT” page, create new web pages, manage their navigational bar, create permalinks, get their blog started, customize authorship of their blog, work with widgets, add images to their website, and create hyperlinks to images and text.  Later in the course, students will explore various plug-ins for search engine optimization and site analytics, change their site theme to reflect their individual personalities, add blog posts, create favicons, enable social media sharing, and much more.

I am very excited to help my JMU Marketing students hone their technological skills. Upon completing the technology segment of my course, I hope my students are prepared to evaluate and apply current technologies to support and enable the strategic internet marketing function.

As of 9:30 a.m. on September 16, 2010, all student websites appeared identical like the image below.

Come back to my site to see how they transform their sites during the next few weeks.  I am confident that the fall 2010 class of MKTG 470 students will be dazzling.  Below is a listing of my fall 2010 students and their URLs.

Amanda Thompson
Amy Todd
Ashley Magness
Andrew Voigt
Brett Raeburn
Brittany Barber
Brittany Bazzle
Brett Cabrera
Carolyn Russell
Casey Davenport
Christopher Kilgus
Dana McManamon
David Crimmel
David Meyer
Drew Baer
Elizabeth Schwieder
Emily Power
Nathan Chua
Erika Hard
Daniel Connell
Gary Politi
Heather Cabot
Heather Trumble
Jaclyn Misiag
Jared Ruppert
Jason Magee
Jeanne’ Roberts
Jessica Dante
Jessica Hall
Jessica Schwenk
Juan Tisera
John Giardiniere
Joshua Berndt
Karen Stefanski
Kathryn Macrides
KC Stottlar
Kendall New
Kendall Walton
Nadia Khan
Katie Marcello
Kyle Lane
Lauren Catino
Lauren Hall
Larissa Cookson
Lindsay Keller
Linn Baumgardt
Dana Verner
Matthew Dixon
Meaghan McDonald
Melissa DeFuria
Melissa Williams
Katie Ward
Nicole DiSalvo
Nicole Parros
Pamela Arias
Patty Caltabiano
Ryan Miley
Sarah Pryor
Sarah Bonner
Sarah Longwell
Scott Redgate
Emily Senn
Stephanie Van Deusen
Emily Troxel
Timmy Donohue

Fashion Industry Educational Tours in New York City

Holland Grumieaux worked in the fashion industry in NYC for the past 20 years and started her own company called Banson NYC in November 2008.   Her company provides educational tours of the fashion industry in NYC to students interested in pursuing the field.   Tours include visiting fashion showrooms, exhibits and design studios, attending seminars pertaining to the field and participating in educational shopping trips.  The evenings include fun activities such as dining out, relaxing at The High Line,  and enjoying popular shows in the theatre district.

According to Holland, “The focus of the program is to teach the students the fundamentals of the fashion industry through hands-on activities and advice from insiders and leaders in the business.  This is not your conventional trip to NYC…it’s truly an eye-opening week for any fashionista to learn more about what they have been learning in the classroom.”

For further information about this exciting opportunity, visit Banson NYC.

Need a picture for your social networks?

Recently, my MKTG 470 students completed an assignment on social networking.  As part of their assignment, students were required to upload a professional-looking photo into LinkedIn and Twitter.  While most students did a terrific job, a few had some problems with their photo.  As such, I wanted to share a free online tool that helps convert pictures for use in social media.  No special software or plug-ins are required.  Simply upload your picture, resize it online, and then download it for your personal use.    Check out this great resource at

The January 2011 Martin Agency Student Workshop

The Martin Agency graciously hosts a Student Workshop twice per year in order to give college students a taste of the advertising industry.  Students can apply for the upcoming  January 2011 workshop by submitting the Workshop Application no later than October 29, 2011.  Learn more by visiting and the Martin Agency Student Workshop on Facebook.  For questions about the workshop, please contact Allison Mays at

2010-11 Yellow Pages Advertising Competition

The 2010-11 Yellow Pages Advertising Competition is now accepting registrations.  I encourage all of my JMU Marketing students to learn more about the competition by visiting:   I have served as the Faculty Sponsor for JMU Marketing students in past competitions and would be happy to do it again.  Please contact me at or 540-568-3238 if you are interested in participating.

JMU alum offers law school advice

If you are a JMU student and thinking about going to law school some day, please contact JMU alum Brett West <>.  Brett was a former marketing student of mine and is currently studying law at the University of Richmond.  Brett has kindly offered to talk with JMU students about his law school experiences.

Thanks to Brett for reaching out to JMU Marketing alums!

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