MKTG 470 Blog Post Partners – Fall 2012

To help my fall 2012 MKTG 470 students improve the quality of their blogs and prepare for the end-of-semester peer review, each student is assigned a “JMU blog partner”.

Blog partners are encouraged to develop a strategy for critiquing each others blog posts and providing feedback throughout the semester.  Blog partners may want to “pre-grade each other’s blog posts” before they are due and set up monthly meetings to review each others blog.  As another option, blog partners may wish to set up a review schedule and communicate electronically.  It is entirely up to each blog partner team to determine how often they wish to communicate and help each other develop great blogs.

12:30 Section Blog Partners:

Anonick,Sharlene Nicole McCarthy,Charles Lewis
Bittinger,Alexandra Blake McLean,John Nicholas
Brooks,Danielle Emilie McNally,Meghan Jennifer
Butler,Jasmine Rosa-Maree Mendieta,Catalina
Delp,Mollie Ann Miner,Keri Rita
Denny,Samuel Mallory Mohajer,Ranna Jasmine
Goose,Patricia Lauren Parker,Jessica Marie
Halbach,Nicole Lynn Pridgen,Scott Miller
Reiske,Eric Michael
Klein,Matthew John Sturgeon,Susan Leanne
Langel,Alexander Thomas Welsh,Corita Cassandra
Mann,Clinton Joseph Wood,Meredith Stuart

2:00 Section Blog Partners: 

Bandy,Nicole Elizabeth Islam,Shahana Begum
Barto,Ryan Matthew Leahigh,Colleen Elizabeth
Bodnar,Jonathan Charles Madison,Matthew Caleb
Carr,Daniel Alexander Mallek,Ghizlaine
Collie,Sarah Julia McGarry,Benjamin Michael
Darnell,Morgan Elizabeth Millen,Christian John
Do,Y-Van Thi Natale,Brian William
Eisenman,Matthew Sandridge,Chas Brandon
Gallagher,Shivonne Marie Weingartner,Rebecca Lynn
Hoefferle,Lindsay Gabrielle Weltz,Matthew Hamberger and Whitley,Sara Haskins

3:30 Section Blog Partners:

Aguilar Cardenas,Rommel Marchetto,Cortney Ali
Baltimore,Kristin Ann Meadows,Shay Marie
Goodman,Wesley Tyler Outland,Alison Scott
Graf,Rachel Elizabeth Prodanovich,Cara Grace
Hayes,Lindsay Joyce Riddell,Meredith Ann
Joseph,Westley Inloes Sheridan,Lauren Michelle
Judd,David Isaac Trautman,Brandon James and Winston,Jacob Charles

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