The “Blog About Anything” Assignment

Normally, I assign marketing-oriented topics for blogging assignments.   While I have always encouraged my students to write additional blog posts on their own, very few do so.  I presume this is because students have plenty of other activities between school, work, clubs, and friends.

Based on a suggestion from three of my Fall 2010 MKTG 470 students (Patty Caltabiano, Nathan Chua, and Casey Davenport) I created a new assignment for my Strategic Internet Marketing course called “Blog About Anything“.  Patty, Nathan, and Casey recommended that students have an opportunity to blog about anything as one of their graded assignments.  They believed that JMU marketing students would take more ownership of their blog and be more interested in blogging if they could choose the own topic.

So, I gave it a shot and assigned the “Blog About Anything”  activity.  It turned out to be a very successful assignment in several regards.  First, 94% of the students completed the assignment.  I’m always happy when I see a high completion rate.  Second, the grades on the completed assignment were outstanding!  Almost 90% of the students earned full credit.  It is worth mentioning that this assignment was due immediately after spring break when students aren’t normally in their most focused school-mode.  Third, I learned quite a few VERY interesting facts by reading the blogs.  For example:

Thanks to all of my students for sharing their insights and experiences through their recent blog posts.  Below are some great resources for getting started on a “Blog About Anything” assignment:

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