Cara Schneider from JMU Meets Pete Cashmore from Mashable

It’s always so nice to hear from my former James Madison University marketing students when they connect a classroom experience to the real world.  In this instance, one of my former Internet Marketing students, Cara Schneider, had the opportunity to meet Pete Cashmore, Founder/CEO at  I am an avid follower of Mashable’s social media, tech, and business news and I often share their work in my courses.  It was exciting to learn that that Cara met Pete.  Cara is currently working as an associate intern at Empire Entertainment.  With Cara’s permission, I am sharing her experience below.

cara_schneider_JMU_and_pete_cashmore_mashable I actually got to have a drink with him. I’ll give you the low down:

First off- he is like 6’4″. Even though the picture is terrible you can kind of see how much taller than me he is- and I’m wearing 6 inch stilettos putting me well over 6 ft. His waist is probably half the size of mine though- he’s a skinny minny! He’s also from Scotland, and has such an awesome accent. And (obviously) he’s INCREDIBLY handsome. With an equally attractive personality. He carries himself well and is very intelligent.

I was working in the VIP lounge so all the presenters and winners would come for press interviews and pictures directly after being on stage. The event went really well- I’m pretty sure you can stream the Webby Awards online if you want to see what it was like.

Anyways, after we got a drink I told him how I knew who he was. He was super flattered to have been talked about in a class. At first he misunderstood me and was like “wait- you took a whole class on me!?” haha. But I clarified, and also talked a little about his keynote speech from last week. I don’t know of you know but he started on WORDPRESS!!!! I thought that was so crazy and obviously shared my experience from class.

The rest of the conversation was about the event and NYC, as he just moved here about a year ago. We talked for actually for longer than I expected. He’s so nice and such a good sport. He let everyone and their mom take pictures of/with him. At this job I see celebrities all the time, and he’s the first one I’ve ever asked for a picture with so I was quite disappointed with the picture and how the woman that took it didn’t say anything. Oh well.

Sorry for the book of an email! You should tell your class next semester about him. He’s a really great role model.

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