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The January 2011 Martin Agency Student Workshop

The Martin Agency graciously hosts a Student Workshop twice per year in order to give college students a taste of the advertising industry.  Students can apply for the upcoming  January 2011 workshop by submitting the Workshop Application no later than October 29, 2011.  Learn more by visiting and the Martin Agency Student Workshop on Facebook.  For questions about the workshop, please contact Allison Mays at

2010-11 Yellow Pages Advertising Competition

The 2010-11 Yellow Pages Advertising Competition is now accepting registrations.  I encourage all of my JMU Marketing students to learn more about the competition by visiting:   I have served as the Faculty Sponsor for JMU Marketing students in past competitions and would be happy to do it again.  Please contact me at or 540-568-3238 if you are interested in participating.

JMU alum offers law school advice

If you are a JMU student and thinking about going to law school some day, please contact JMU alum Brett West <>.  Brett was a former marketing student of mine and is currently studying law at the University of Richmond.  Brett has kindly offered to talk with JMU students about his law school experiences.

Thanks to Brett for reaching out to JMU Marketing alums!

Free Webinar ~ Behavioral Segmentation: Using Web Analytics for Better Results

Behavioral Segmentation: Using Web Analytics for Better Results
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
1:00 PM Eastern Time
Moderator:  Alli Libb, American Marketing Association

  • Use behavioral data to segment your way to better email marketing results
  • Best use Web analytics to understand email subscriber behaviors and associated implications
  • Combine self-reported identifiers and preferences with behavioral data to refine email segmentation
  • Market most effectively to your highest potential email segments

Visit Behavioral Segmentation Using Web Analytics for Better Results for more information and to register.

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