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To My MBA 625 Class of 2017

To My MBA 625 Class of 2017:


Thank you for being such a professional and talented graduate class.  It was a true pleasure working with eleven students from cohort #7 in the JMU Innovation MBA Program.

Thank you for the positive attitudes brought to each class.

Thank you for being open-minded when I said that MBA 625 uses non-traditional teaching methods and would be unlike any other course you have ever taken.

Thank you for your understanding at the beginning of the semester when we had to start the course online rather than in a face-to-face context.  Thank you for staying an hour late on that first day to ensure that the course was launched correctly.  Thank you for continuing to work well after the semester ended to ensure there was appropriate closure with your clients.

Thank you for flexibility in rearranging one of the online classes so I could go to my son’s Boy Scout crossover ceremony.

Thank you for the incredible efforts to serve your clients so very well and achieve their online marketing goals.

Thank you for sharing time, talents, and energy within and across teams.

Thank you for bringing the utmost in professionalism and responsiveness into the class.

Thank you for working so hard and at Herculean speed to get 16 weeks worth of work done in only 8 weeks.  (I’m still quite amazed at how you all do this!)

Thank you for the killer questions about the course content and how to continuously improve account performance.

Thank you for feedback and ideas on how to improve the class.

Thank you for putting trust in me when you didn’t necessarily understand why I said “do this” or “don’t do that”.  There was a method to my madness where nothing I asked of you was random, and everything had a distinct purpose in helping you learn and succeed.

Thank you for helping me grow as a coach and teacher.  Each team had very unique challenges during their respective course journey.  Each team kept me on my toes (and on a different toe I might add).  I feel drained from the experience, but drained in a completely good and satisfying way.

I truly enjoyed working with my masters-level GOMC Class of 2017 this semester and I wish them the very best as they finish the rest of their Innovation MBA program at JMU.  Good luck to Jesse, Jessica, Jonathan, Ken, Michael, Sarah, Sonia, Stephen, Steve, Teresa, and Victoria.

Sonia Allana, Stephen Kurtzke, and Sarah McGinnis

Steve Barranco, Teresa Comer, Victoria Landis, and Michael Lantz

Steve Barranco, Teresa Comer, Victoria Landis, and Michael Lantz

Ken Prevete, Jesse Springer, Jessica Drennon, and Jon Nicely.

Ken Prevete, Jesse Springer, Jessica Drennon, and Jon Nicely

AdWords Certifications from the JMU GOMC Class of 2017

I am pleased to announce that the names of JMU GOMC Class of 2017 students who have passed the exams necessary to become AdWords Certified.  The certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. According to Christopher S. Penn, professional marketing certifications provide value in two key areas:  a) signals of base knowledge, and b) heuristics we use to make judgments about others.

Certified students from my MBA 625 course include:

Join me in congratulating the ENTIRE class of students enrolled in MKTG 477!

  1. David Bruce – Display
  2. Annalise Calpabo – Search, Mobile, Video, Display, Shopping
  3. Nicole Carothers – Search
  4. Maddie Divita – Search
  5. Caroline Galiwango – Search, Mobile, Video, Display, Shopping
  6. Ashley Glennon – Search, Display
  7. Allie Hammond – Search
  8. Devin Hogue – Search, Shopping
  9. Riley Jamison – Search
  10. Lauren Jones – Search
  11. Jordan Kimball – Search
  12. Rachel Kirbabas – Search
  13. Katie McGee – Search
  14. Michelle Mullins – Search
  15. Brendan Reece – Search, Display
  16. Raquel Sheriff – Search
  17. George Shtern – Search
  18. Joey Scully – Search
  19. Emily Vaeth – Search, Mobile, Video, Display, Shopping, Analytics
  20. Amanda Zwerin – Search, Display, Analytics

The JMU GOMC Class of 2017

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