Thank you to Christopher S. Penn for his brilliant presentation on Disclosures and for inspiring me to write my own disclosure page without too much legal jargon.  I have adapted his words and ideas into my own, as best as possible, to convey what is happening on my website.

While I primarily use my site as a mechanism for sharing my love of marketing and helping students, practitioners, and professors connect with one another, I also use it as a means of practicing what I preach (e.g., Internet Marketing).  This is my personal lab for learning and experimenting with the various tools that can be used to conduct and teach marketing on the internet.  I also use my site as a source of generating income.  Let me repeat, I use this website as a source of generating income and if you have a website, I encourage YOU to monetize your website TOO.

I develop marketing relationships with reputable merchants by placing their advertisements such as text links, graphic buttons and banner ads on my website. Below is one such example:




I show advertisements from companies like Tiny Prints and Shutterfly  in order to get paid a commission from companies where I am an affiliate.  Please assume that I’m getting paid by someone if you purchase something from my site.  Although I do my best to work with merchants that may interest my readers, I am not responsible for their advertisements, products, and services since I have no control over them.  I do take time to carefully review the products and offers before placing their links on my website.  I promise to only include products that I truly believe in and would (or do) use myself.  You are not obligated in any way to buy from the merchants that I have affiliation with; I only provide the links for your convenience.


I reserve the right to do whatever I want on theresabclarke.com including updating, editing, and deleting without warning or notice.  You have this same right on your own site so make it great!

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