Fall 2014 Best IMC Plan Awards

Smokin' AcesAs is customary in my Integrated Marketing Communications class (MKTG 384), students vote for the “Best IMC Plan” after viewing all presentations in their section.

One team deserves special recognition for smokin’ (or perhaps I should say acing!) their presentation so I am awarding one “Best in Course Award” this semester.

Congratulations to SMOKIN’ ACES for earning the top award!

Based on the student votes, our fall 2014 winners are:

11:00 section:

Best in Section Award:  Epic Effect (45%  of their section’s vote)
Alexa Balsome, Corinne Cardinal, Carolyn Rezny, and Nick Spinner

Honorable Mention:  A-Team (30% of their section’s vote)
Emma Barlow, Emma Delmontagne, Andrew Hippe, and Julia Uglietta

12:30 section:

Best in Section Award:  Marxman Marketers (33% of their section’s vote)
John Bassford, Alex Dixon, Kevin Harmon, and Kelsey Hinkle

Honorable Mention:  Hoku Consulting (25% of their section’s vote)
Samantha Carr, Nicole Ferraro, Erica Moore, and Lynn Radocha

Honorable Mention:  In Sync (25% of their section’s vote)
Mary Bruton, John Mueller, and Michael Parzych

2:00 section:

Best in Section Award and Best in Course Award:  Smokin’ Aces (80% of their section’s vote and the most votes overall across the three sections)
Alicia Hahn, Ruby Katz, Casey Lynch, and Michael O’Day

Honorable Mention:  Official Business (15% of their section’s vote)
Will Dunkenburger, Matt Krobath, Alyson Phillips, and Catherine Schindler

I had a wonderful group of students in IMC during the fall 2014 semester and I congratulate them on completing a very challenging course project.  I wish them all the very best as they complete their marketing education and move into the practitioner world.

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