MKTG 470 Class Averages from Google Analytics Data – Fall 2012

On November 15, 2012, in MKTG 470, by Theresa B. Clarke

Averages of Google Analytics data from students enrolled in my Fall 2012 Strategic Internet Marketing course at James Madison University.

Visits – 150.85 analytics_logo

Unique Visitors – 118.37

Pageviews – 600.79

Pages/Visit – 3.91

Bounce Rate – 11.7

Avg. Visit Duration – 0:02:32

Percent New Visits – 78.20

% Traffic from Referring Sites – 16.71

% Traffic from Direct Traffic – 26.97

% Traffic from Search Engines – 53.27


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  1. […] Over the semester I have had a total of 380 total visitors and 348 unique visitors thus far.  55% of the traffic came from search results, 33% of the traffic came from referral traffic, and 12% came from direct traffic.  I shared my website on my Facebook,  Twitter, and Linked In, but my PPC efforts also helped.  I am definitely pleased with my results as the number of visits were higher than the class average. […]

  2. […] Over the semester, I had 281 visits to my site with 191 unique visitors. 51% of traffic was generated from search results.  Most of the referral traffic came from Facebook or Twitter and social referral overall accounted for 31% of traffic. Only .36% of traffic came from the PPC campaign that we ran using Google Adwords. Overall, I’m satisfied with these results, which were around  the average results for the MKTG 470 class. […]

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