Finding Free or Low-cost Images for Student Websites

One of my MKTG 470 students recently asked where and how to find free images for his website.  Kudos to my JMU Marketing student for understanding and respecting the intellectual property and copyright of others.

Be careful about doing a search in Google Images or Bing Images.  While you will likely to see many attractive images on their search engine results (SERP) pages, it may be difficult to determine the exact nature of the copyright.  To avoid legal entanglements, consider going to websites that clearly explain the restrictions regarding image use.  For example, outlines the terms of use on their homepage and Flickr provides searching based on license type.

Some sites provide free images, some provide royalty free photos that can be used openly by paying one-time usage rights, and some require more significant fees for long-term use.   Below are a few resources that I prefer (free and paid).  If there are others that you would like to recommend, feel free to contact me or provide a comment on this blog post.

To compress your images, check out

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