MKTG 477:  Digital Marketing Practicum

(formerly MKTG 490 – Special Topics in Marketing)

Class Information:  The primary focus of the course is online marketing (paid search using Google AdWords and social media marketing using Google+) via participation in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, hereafter referred to as the GOMC.  Rather than traditional lecture-style classes, this course relies on problem-based learning pedagogy and a coaching style of teaching.

MKTG 477 is currently offered to JMU undergraduates during the spring semester only and counts as a marketing elective for all marketing majors.  If you are not a marketing major, check with your advisor to see how this course might count within your academic plan.  Classes meet from 2:30-5:00 on Fridays.  There is at least one class held in December, prior to the start of the semester, and a significant amount of work to do over the holiday break.  Be prepared to work very hard and invest a lot of time into this course before it officially starts. For a terrific student perspective on the GOMC, read $250 and a dream: My semester in the Google Online Marketing Challenge by Amy Goffe (GOMC ’15 alum and Performance Marketing Coordinator at Silverback Strategies).

Permission of the instructor is required in order to gain acceptance into the course.  Students MUST complete the GOMC MKTG 477 Course Application to apply for one of the limited seats in the course.  The spring 2017 semester application deadline is October 1, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. although applications are accepted any time of year.  Early applications are highly encouraged.  Applicants should be notified about their application status no later than October 30, 2016 by 3:00 p.m.  Accepted students will be granted an override to register for MKTG 477 during the fall undergraduate pre-registration period.  All other students will be placed on a wait list.  If accepted students do not register during the pre-registration period,  they will lose their opportunity for a seat in the course.  Overrides will be removed and given to students on the MKTG 477 wait list.

Before the course begins, complete the following tasks:

Learn About AdWords:  View the AdWords Essentials Training – about 3 ½ hours of video.

Review the GOMC Digital Marketing Course, particularly the section on Search Advertising.

Study for the MKTG 477 Final Exam to be given during the first official class in January (I’m not kidding!) of the course.

Stay on top of AdWords changes.

Try Using AdWords on your own website.  I have developed an AdWords exercise that can be used on websites created in

Pictured below are some of the very talented class survivors from the MKTG 477/490 Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) undergraduate experience at James Madison University.

JMU Google Challenge Class of 2010

JMU Google Challenge Class of 2010


JMU Google Challenge Class of 2011

JMU GOMC Class of 2011















The tradition continues. Presenting the JMU Google Challenge Class of 2012.

JMU GOMC of 2012



JMU Google Challenge Class of 2013

JMU GOMC Class of 2013















JMU Google Challenge Class of 2014

JMU GOMC Class of 2014
















JMU Google Challenge Class of 2015

JMU GOMC Class of 2015















JMU Google Challenge Class of 2016 with Dr. Theresa B. Clarke

JMU GOMC Class of 2016

Coming soon…the JMU GOMC Class of 2017!  Complete the GOMC MKTG 477 Course Application to apply today.