Google’s Power Searching Course

I recently completed Google’s Power Searching course and wanted to share a bit about my experience.  I can’t remember where or how I initially heard about this learning opportunity, but I vaguely remember receiving an email or seeing it mentioned in Google Online Courses.

The Google Power Searching course was free, but enrollment was required.  While it was a self-paced course, there were some deadlines involved to keep everyone on track.   The program consisted of six classes and three Google hangouts (Hangout 1Hangout 2, and Hangout 3) with search experts from Google. Theresa B. Clarke's Google Power Searching Certificate

Upon successful completion of two assessment tests, Google sends you a very cool and Googley-looking certificate.

The course staff has taken down the powersearchingwithgoogle.comwebsite,  but I am hopeful they will share this valuable information with the world again.

My biggest takeaway from the course is that consumers are going to continue becoming more sophisticated searchers.  This will likely have major implications in the ever-changing world of searching engine marketing.

Overall the course was enjoyable, informative, and straightforward.  I give Power Searching with Google two thumbs up.  Thanks Google!


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