Industries to Avoid for the Google Online Marketing Challenge

When selecting a business or non-profit organization for the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC), Google recommends avoiding businesses with large advertising budgets and highly competitive industries.  Some of the industries to watch out for are web hosting/design, insurance, law firms, debt consolidation, pest control, and movers/shippers.

Just how expensive are keywords in these industries?  Using data from their Free Keyword Tool take a look at what WordStream reported in their 2017 edition of the 25 Most Expensive Keywords.  They found the most expensive keyword to be “business services” with an average cost-per-click of CPC of $58.64.  The actual CPC could be much higher!  So on a Google Challenge budget of $250, that keyword alone would swallow up the entire budget and only generate 4-5 clicks.

In addition to these industries, I suggest staying away from bail bond services, casinos, asset management, online degree programs, psychics, time shares, and plumbers for the GOMC.  If students want to pursue the GOMC’s Social Impact Award, select the right type of eligible NGO.  Read item #7 in the GOMC Terms and Conditions to learn which organizations are not eligible as clients. Ensure to review Google’s Advertising Policies to learn the prohibited content like counterfeit products, weapons, and fireworks, as well as restricted content such as alcohol and healthcare.  But not to worry, there are many promising businesses and non-profit organizations remaining.

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