James Madison Marketing Blog Post Partners – Spring 2011

To help my spring 2011 MKTG 470 students improve the quality of their blogs and prepare for the end-of-semester peer review, each student is assigned a “JMU blog partner”.

Blog partners are encouraged to develop a strategy for critiquing each others blog posts and providing feedback throughout the semester.  Blog partners may want to “pre-grade each other’s blog posts” before they are due and set up monthly meetings to review each others blog.  As another option, blog partners may wish to set up a review schedule and communicate electronically.  It is entirely up to each blog partner team to determine how often they wish to communicate and help each other develop great blogs.

Recommended reading:  How to write a blog that others will want to read.

11:00 Section Blog Partners:

Burrows Kaitlyn burrowkj Pate Kimberly patekr
Carnali Elyce carnalea Pochucha Cullen pochuccn
Childers Bradley childebk Puckli Michelle puckliml
Dietz Timothy dietztm Rhodes Chad rhodescr
Esposito Mackenzie lassitme Shell Margaret shellmc
Greenhood Max greenhms Stanton Jenna stantojm
Hamby Zachary hambyzf Throo Robert throorj
Hartnett Lauren hartnelp Tolusso Alexa tolussap
Kegley Eric kegleyea Vo Huy vohm
McDonald James mcdon2ja Waddell Jordan waddelja
McWhinney Ariele mcwhinam Williams Laurenso willi2lm
Nguyen Nhi nguyenny Winters Allison winteram

12:30 Section Blog Partners:

Adams Andrew adams2ac Khan Sadeq khansm
Appleton Lauren appletln McDonald David mcdonadl
Bremner Cynthia bremnecg Noto Michael notomj
Cassagnol Danielle cassagdr O’Malley Caitlin omallecm
Cohen Jennifer cohenja Peterson Ellen petersem
Goldberg Jessica goldbejd Pronio Matthew proniomw
Henry Megan henrymp Smith Kelley smith4ke
Hepke Connor hepkecd Soderstrom Caroline soderscs
Hollands Sara hollansa Soltis Alex soltisaj
Hric Meghan hricma Sun Amy sunax
Ingram Sarah ingramse Ward James wardja
Jones Jessica jones3jm Wright Abbie wrigh3am

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