James Madison Marketing Blog Post Partners – Spring 2012


To help my spring 2012 MKTG 470 students improve the quality of their blogs and prepare for the end-of-semester peer review, each student is assigned a “JMU blog partner”.

Blog partners are encouraged to develop a strategy for critiquing each others blog posts and providing feedback throughout the semester.  Blog partners may want to “pre-grade each other’s blog posts” before they are due and set up monthly meetings to review each others blog.  As another option, blog partners may wish to set up a review schedule and communicate electronically.  It is entirely up to each blog partner team to determine how often they wish to communicate and help each other develop great blogs.

Recommended reading:  How to write a blog that others will want to read.

11:00 Section Blog Partners:

Alpan,Doruk Osman

Jones,Cheryl Lynn

Babinsky,Nicholas Charles

Kramer,Shannon Louise

Belinski,Christie Lea

Lynch,Rebecca Grace

Berkowitz,Brendan Joseph

Manley,Christine Elizabeth

Carpenter,Sarah Louise

McClure,Kelly Shannon

Dahl,Erik Christopher

Memenza,Justin Luis

Dickinson,Joseph Benjamin

Merryman,Cayte Elizabeth

Garvin,Shane Alexander

Millard,Mark Francis

Gordon,Patrick David

Murphy,Brian Gregory

House,Alessandra Annemarie

Totten,Justin M

Jaeger,David Richard


Jennison,Amanda Michelle

Tu,Joanna Minee  and Wall,Patrice A

12:30 Section Blog Partners:

Becker,Megan Elizabeth

Krause,Rachel Lynn

Bertolino,Brittany Anne

LeDuc,Scott Edward

Crawford,Emily Marcella

Lukow,Ezekial James

Cross,Tabatha Lee

Lauren Mason will always love JMU

Ecker,Brittany Nicole

May,Allison Helene

Ford,Joseph Earl

Peay,Melissa Gayle

Formica,Nicholas David

Rafferty,Jessica Lynn

Gannon,Jason Brett

Rao,David Lawrence

Glascock,William Hunter

Rose,Megan Nicole

Gradwell,William Jon

Safko,Robert Paul

Hanlon,Erica Marie

Schneider,Cara Lynn

Harris,Travis Samuel

Un,Matthew Sophath

Jones,Sarah Natalie

Webber,Caroline Victoria

Knowles,Melissa Ann


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