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James Madison Marketing Student Websites for Fall 2013

I am very happy to present the web sites from my fall 2013 students enrolled in MKTG 470 at JMU.  My students purchased 12-month economy hosting plans and .com domain names using

During the next few weeks, my students will begin transforming their WordPress site into unique creations.  They will establish a site theme, edit their “sample” page and convert it to an “about” page, create new web pages, manage their navigational bar, create permalinks, get their blog started, customize authorship of their blog, work with widgets, add images to their website, and create hyperlinks to images and text.  Later in the course, students will explore various plug-ins for search engine optimization and site analytics, change their site theme to reflect their individual personalities, add blog posts, enable social media sharing, engage in paid search to drive traffic to their site, and much more.

I am very excited to help my students hone their technological skills.   Below is a listing of my fall 2013 students and their URLs.

Leah Albert
Dylan Anderson
Alexandra Aparicio
Nichole Barnes
Christopher Belcourt
Sarah Bonsall
Maggie Breitmayer
Carly Calhoon
Mike Cascino
Eunice Chun
John Coffey
Ryan Collier
Chris Deck
Shannon Engel
Jordan Epler
Mike Etemad 
Carl Ezyk
Casey Fitzgerald
Michael Freas
Meredith Freund
Kelsey Fuller
Christina Georgia
Jocolyn Giovino
Trevor Grimm
Alex Grizzell
Dalton Gross
Alexander Guerin
Morgan Haskins
Austin Highfill
Kristianna Hoffman
Stephen Holc
Samantha Huff
Ziyang Huo
Melissa Jackson
Laura Jennings
Hao Ran Jiang
Hannah Johnson
Sally Kardos
Aleksandra Karol
Dan Kehr
Monika Kelpsaite
MJ Kim
Melissa Kniceley
Alex Kramer
Alexander Kuhn
Rachel Lam
Austin Lane
Kaci Lassiter
Megan Maloney
Linden McCue Emery
Kate McGrath
Haider Mukhtar
Stephen Murphy
Melissa Nicolich
Andrew Novak
Jessica Palek
Jaydeep Patel
Kelly Pollhammer
Rachel Poock
Abby Potter
Courtney Railing
Yasmina Ramirez
Marc Rasmussen
John Ricketti
Michael Roche
Ashleigh Rojanavongse
Nicholas Root
Emily Rupertus
Rory Salzberger
Kayla Santrock
Nick Scallion
Brendan Shockley
Jacie Specht
Wayne Spindler
Emilie Tardiff
Arielle Tenorio
Jonathan Thompson
Stephen Thompson
Joanna Tucker
Mustafa Wakilpoor
Joshua Wallace
William Walton
Freddy Weber
Taylor Wertheimer
Kacy Williams
Joshua Wilson
Erica Wise

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