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James Madison Marketing Student Websites for Spring 2011

James Madison University, Department of Marketing, Dr. Theresa B. Clarke I am proud to present the websites for my spring 2011 James Madison marketing students enrolled in MKTG 470.

Last week, each student successfully purchased a WordPress hosting plan and a .com domain name using  During the next week, my students will begin transforming their WordPress site into a unique creation.  At first, they will learn how to establish a site theme, edit their “ABOUT” page, create new web pages, manage their navigational bar, create permalinks, get their blog started, customize authorship of their blog, work with widgets, add images to their website, and create hyperlinks to images and text.  Later in the course, students will explore various plug-ins for search engine optimization and site analytics, change their site theme to reflect their individual personalities, add blog posts, create favicons, enable social media sharing, and much more.

I am very excited to help my James Madison marketing students hone their technological skills.  As of noon on Monday, January 24, 2011, all student websites appeared identical like the image below.

Please revisit this page in a few weeks to see how they transform their sites.  Based on the performance from my fall 2010 MKTG 470 students, I know that the spring 2011 students will do great.  Below is a listing of my spring 2011 James Madison marketing students and their URLs.

Andrew Adams
Lauren Appleton
Cynthia Bremner
Kaitlyn Burrows
Elyce Carnali
Danielle Cassagnol
Brad Childers
Jennifer Cohen
Tim Dietz
Mackenzie Esposito
Jessica Goldberg
Zachary Hamby
Lauren Hartnett
Megan Henry
Connor Hepke
Sara Hollands
Meghan Hric
Sarah Ingram
Jessica Jones
Eric Kegley
Sadeq Khan
Jim McDonald
Dave McDonald
Ariele McWhinney
Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen
Michael Noto
Caitlin O’Malley
Kimberly Pate
Ellen Peterson
Cullen Pochucha
Matt Pronio
Michelle Puckli
Chad Rhodes
Mollie Shell
Kelley Smith
Caroline Soderstrom
Alex Soltis
Amy Sun
Robert Throo
Alexa Tolusso
Huy Vo
Jordan Waddell
James Ward
Allison Winters
Abbie Wright

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  1. Theresa B. Clarke says:

    Here are a few additional students:

    Laurenso Williams at

    Jenna Stanton at

    Max Greenhood at

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