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James Madison Marketing Student Websites for Spring 2013

I am very happy to present the websites from my spring 2013 James Madison marketing students enrolled in MKTG 470.  My students purchased hosting plans and .com domain names using

During the next few weeks, my students will begin transforming their WordPress site into a unique creation.  At first, they will learn how to establish a site theme, edit their “sample” page and convert it to an “about” page, create new web pages, manage their navigational bar, create permalinks, get their blog started, customize authorship of their blog, work with widgets, add images to their website, and create hyperlinks to images and text.  Later in the course, students will explore various plug-ins for search engine optimization and site analytics, change their site theme to reflect their individual personalities, add blog posts, enable social media sharing, engage in paid search to drive traffic to their site, and much more.

I am very excited to help my students hone their technological skills.   Below is a listing of my spring 2013 students and their URLs.

Jessica Alea 
Megan Anise 
Frank Ashby
Michael Baker
Ellen Barker
Laetitia Biscos 
Kristen Booth
Anna Bosshard
Rick Brightwell
Bryan Broscious
Caroline Burger
Grant Burshem
Morgan Burton 
James Carter
Kirsten Chaney
Catherine Crews
Jenn Donovan
Frank Doss
Evan Duso
Vanessa Escobar
Mandy Gassman
Brittany Glenn
Amanda Glover
Jacquelyn Gray
Lauren Hale
Geoffrey Harris
Natalie Iannello
Mathew Ingham
Lauren Kiser
Sarah Konspore
Nicole Martin
Kevin Meder
Lila Mooney
Jonathan Morosini
Patrick Nowzari
Sarah Nuzzo
Heather Paxton
Vilina Phan
Hugo Ramadier
Patrick Robinson
Kenneth Salamon
Nicholas Scott
Shelby Shaffer
Colin Squier
Rachel Sturm
Sangbok Sung 
Rachel Tacci
Heather Terk
Carolyn Thiel
Bret Thompson
Josh Tigges
Elizabeth Vincent
Caitlin Webster
Alysa Wilkins
Shiyao Yu


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