MKTG 470 Blog Post Peer Evaluations for Spring 2011

As a follow-up to an earlier post about blog post partners, my idea seemed to work out pretty well.  In short, my spring 2011 MKTG 470 students were assigned a blog post partner to work with on an informal basis throughout the semester.  The goal of each partnership was to improve the quality of the blogs and prepare for the big end-of-semester anonymous peer review.

The peer review entailed three other students who independently and anonymously evaluated another student’s entire site based on ten objective criteria.   In addition, the anonymous evaluation involved identification of 2-3 strengths and weaknesses of each blog.

Based on the anonymous peer evaluations, three students earned perfect or near-perfect scores basedon the Grading Rubric for the Peer Evaluation of Blog Posts.

Congratulations to:


Check out their sites to see some great examples of student blogs from my Internet Marketing class.

Interestingly, Sara and Alexa (enrolled in two different sections) used the exact same Pujugama theme from hulozila.comPujugama sure must be a good theme!



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