MKTG 477

MKTG 477:  Digital Marketing Practicum

With an applied focus, this course introduces students to some of the most important and fastest growing sectors in online marketing. Students apply marketing theories in a uniquely applied manner as they become active learners involved in an online marketing campaign, facing real pressures similar to those in the professional workplace (i.e., account management, client relationships, financial constraints, market competition, time limitations, technology, etc.). Student teams will work with actual clients on online marketing campaigns. Throughout their campaigns, students continually make finance, advertising and marketing decisions. Students gather real world data using online marketing dashboards to gain a strong understanding of real market conditions. Students experience traditional advertising concepts such as copywriting, cost per thousand (CPM), return on investment, as well as online marketing concepts such as click-through-rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rates, landing page strategies, and optimization techniques.

Rather than traditional lecture-style classes, this course relies on problem-based learning pedagogy and a coaching style of teaching.  After   participating in the course, students should be able to:

  • discuss online marketing and media planning;
  • collaborate effectively in a professional group setting;
  • understand the complexity of planning and implementing an online marketing campaign;
  • create a practical and successful campaign that fits with the objectives of their client;
  • maximize targeted and relevant traffic to their client’s website;
  • use optimization techniques to refine and improve the effectiveness of the campaign over time;
  • confidently discuss online marketing issues with their client; and
  • illustrate the factors affecting the success of online marketing campaigns.

MKTG 477 is currently offered to JMU undergraduates during the spring semester only and counts as a marketing elective for all marketing majors.  If you are not a marketing major, check with your advisor to see how this course might count within your academic plan.  Classes typically meet from 2:30-5:20 on Fridays.  There is at least one class held in December, usually held the week before the fall semester finals, and some assignments to do over the holiday break.  Be prepared to work very hard and invest a lot of time into this course before it officially starts.

Students MUST complete the MKTG 477 Course Application to apply for one of the limited seats in the course. 

  • The spring semester application deadline is October 1 at 3:00 p.m. although applications are accepted any time of year.  Early applications are highly encouraged.
  • Applicants should be notified about their application status no later than October 30 by 3:00 p.m.  Accepted students will be granted an override to register for MKTG 477 during the fall undergraduate pre-registration period.  All other students will be placed on a wait list.
  • If accepted students do not register during the pre-registration period,  they will lose their opportunity for a seat in the course.  Overrides will be removed and given to students on the MKTG 477 wait list.

Before the course begins, complete the following tasks: