MKTG 490 Turns Into MKTG 477 at JMU

Woo hoo!  After three years of curriculum development, MKTG 490 (Special Studies in Marketing) finally evolved into a stand-alone, official course at JMU.  MKTG 490 is now MKTG 477 (Internet Marketing Practicum).  It is the same experience but with a new course number, a new course name, and an updated description in the JMU catalog.  See below for details.

MKTG 477. Internet Marketing Practicum.  3 credits.  With an applied focus, this course introduces students to some of the most important and fastest growing sectors in online marketing. Students apply marketing theories in a uniquely applied manner as they become active learners involved in an online marketing campaign, facing real pressures similar to those in the professional workplace (i.e., account management, client relationships, financial constraints, market competition, time limitations, technology, etc.). Student teams will work with actual clients on online marketing campaigns. Throughout their campaigns, students continually make finance, advertising and marketing decisions. Students gather real world data using online marketing dashboards to gain a strong understanding of real market conditions. Students experience traditional advertising concepts such as copy writing, cost per thousand (CPM), return on investment, as well as online marketing concepts such as click-through-rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rates, landing page strategies, and optimization techniques. Prerequisite: MKTG 470 and permission of the instructor.

Thanks to all of my former MKTG 490 students for helping us make the case that MKTG 477 should be an official course at JMU.

Apply now for an opportunity to participate in the Challenge under my direction.

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  1. Congratulations! This course will provide an amazing opportunity to your student and better prepare JMU grads for a job in a very fast-changing industry. Thank you for your commitment and for creating a course that will benefit your students, your university and the marketplace.


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