Thank you to James Carter ~ The Newest Soldier in My Army of Technological Angels

Today is my last day of teaching MKTG 477 for the spring 2014 semester.

As I bid farewell to an amazing group of JMU students, there is one student in particular who is deserving of special recognition, James Carter.

James was the forJames Cartermer Webmaster at James Madison University and is currently the Web Developer/IT Support at Immerge Technologies and a Freelancer at James Carter Web.  Although James was my student for two classes, I always viewed him as a trusted friend, a valuable colleague and collaborative partner in the teaching and learning process.  He was also a great listener when I was feeling frustrated about certain technological developments.  If I experienced a technological challenge, James could be counted upon to answer my questions, test out an issue, or lend me a hand in solving the problem.

In one instance (actually there were several instances) very early the morning, I texted James a quick question about ADA compliance for a class lecture to be delivered later that morning on web design.  After a bit of texting between us, I convinced James to come to my class (scheduled for only 2 hours later) and guest speak about these issues.  James had no prep time and didn’t even see my ADA slides until he was in the room making the presentation.  Yet, his delivery was professional, informative, and interesting.  That is just the kind of talent James has!  And impromptu public speaking is JUST ONE of his MANY impressive talents.

Thank you to James for his willingness to share technological expertise, problem-solving abilities, and ideas. For when James helped me, he really helped ALL of the students that I teach.

As a result of James’ impact on my students from 2013-14 academic year, I hereby induct James as the newest solider in My Army of Technological Angels.

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