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Google AdWords Exercise – Fall 2010

My Strategic Internet Marketing students recently completed a course assignment using Google AdWords.  The primary learning objective was to acquire hands on experience driving traffic to their online resume page and any other web page or blog post of their choice.   Students developed skills in paid search (pay-per-click marketing) using Google AdWords.   With a total account budget of $15.00 and a window of 20 possible days, students had an opportunity to learn how to structure accounts, create campaigns and ad groups, develop and manage keyword lists, utilize effective matching options, test ad copy, modify keyword bids,  assess account performance, adjust daily budgets, and much more.

I wish to recognize a few students from my fall 2010 semester MKTG 470 sections for exceptional performance in a few key areas from this assignment:

SEO Optimization Exercise Using the Phrase “JMU Marketing”

In my MKTG 470 class at James Madison University, we have explored various aspects of search engine marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC).

SEO Exercise

As an application of SEO, my students were tasked with learning how to optimize any one web page or blog post within their site using the phrase “JMU Marketing“.  Prior to the exercise, students performed a diagnostic test to determine where their site currently ranked organically using the phrase “JMU Marketing“.  In the majority of cases, my 66 students reported that their page was not found within the first twenty search engine results pages (SERPs).

After three weeks of SEO efforts, most students saw an improvement in organic rankings based on their initial diagnostic test.  I wish to congratulate all of my students for their performance in optimizing a page or post using the phrase  “JMU Marketing“.  The highest performing students, representing  the top 25% of the class (16 out of 66 students), when using Google include the following:

  1. Sarah BonnerJMU Marketing Category
  2. Matthew DixonMy Journey of Becoming a JMU Marketing Student
  3. Brittany BarberJMU Marketing Student’s Course Review
  4. Drew Baer
  5. Brett Cabrera
  6. Ashley MagnessJMU Marketing
  7. Patty CaltabianoJMU Marketing:  A Student’s Perspective
  8. Nathan Chua
  9. Nadia Khan
  10. Nicole DiSalvo
  11. KC Stottlar
  12. Nicole Parros
  13. Melissa Williams
  14. Brittany BazzleJMU Marketing 470 Guest Speaker
  15. Erika HardJMU Marketing:  My New WordPress Theme
  16. Elizabeth Schwieder –  Internships and JMU’s Marketing Program

Congratulations to all students for making such great improvements in their organic rankings and for showcasing their understanding of SEO.

JMU Marketing Internship Presentation

In case you missed last night’s event, here is the JMU Marketing Internship presentation. Visit the JMU Marketing Career and Internship page and contact the internship faculty advisor, if you have questions:

Dr. D. Eric Boyd
Associate Professor of Marketing
Office: 641 Zane Showker Hall
Phone: 540-568-2721

How to Exclude Pages from Main Navigation in WordPress

I found an  interesting WordPress plug-in that I wanted to share.  Many MKTG 470 students from my fall 2010 sections  have been asking how to exclude WordPress pages from their main navigational bar.  By default, WordPress adds each new page to the main navigational bar.  Other than publishing pages privately, there hasn’t been an easy way to keep some pages out of your nav bar.

The “Page Link Manager” plug-in helps you control which pages do and do not appear in your main nav bar.  After installing and activating the plug-in, it should be installed in the Tools menu under the name “Page Link”.  Open up the plug-in and it will list all of the pages within your site.  Simply click which pages to exclude from the main navigation.

Please leave a comment if you found this plug-in to be useful.

Reminder for my MKTG 470 students:  If you use Google Analytics you MUST have a privacy policy on your website.  You can remove the privacy policy from your main navigational bar, but it must be accessible from somewhere on your website.

It’s time for a CAPTCHA

Recently my MKTG 470 students have been asking how to reduce the number of requests for irrelevant (a.k.a. spammy) comments on their blog.  Now that their websites have been active for a few weeks, spammers are attempting to use their blogs as a means to advertise their assorted products.

The easiest workaround is a CAPTCHA.  A CAPTCHA provides a means to determine if a commenter is a person instead of a computer.

Try this exercise to install a CAPTCHA in WordPress.  My favorite is SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, but I would love your feedback on other CAPTCHAs or other tools to reduce the spammy comment attempts on blog posts.

Marketing Intern Opportunity with Belmont, Inc.

Thanks to Katie Downtain, a JMU Marketing Alum, for sharing this internship opportunity.  Katie graduated from the JMU Department of Marketing in 2009 and currently works as an Account Coordinator at Belmont, Inc.   Learn more about Katie’s JMU Experience by watching her on Duke Dog’s TV Channel.

Marketing Intern
Belmont, Inc. is a small business (7 full-time employees) that focuses on creating ties between branding (generally external) and culture (generally internal). We are seeking a driven student interested in gaining professional experience through an internship with a smart, fun group of dedicated professionals. Our atmosphere is customer centric, team oriented, and creatively charged. The right person will be an ultra motivated self starter with the desire and ability to learn many aspects of the branding and design world. As a part of the Belmont team, the marketing intern will be given full responsibility for numerous projects and deadlines, and will be given the opportunity to become involved in any number of company initiatives and client projects.

The intern will primarily be responsible to execute on a short-term visibility campaign.

Primary duties include:
• Creating speakers bureau packet
• Promoting new “brand culture” concept
• Developing and re-positioning case studies for the organization
• Performing various research and writing assignments for the organization

Additional duties will include:
• Provide coordination on special projects and events for the CEO.
• Support Belmont’s outward message through coordinating and implementing Belmont’s social media presence, managing website/blog updates, organizing speaking engagements, coordinating public relations efforts and supporting newsletter development
This is a great opportunity for an intern who is interested in public relations, branding, marketing and design. The perfect person will work very closely with the CEO and Brand Strategist, and will learn from knowledge leaders in the field of brand- and culture-building.

A friendly and positive attitude and adherence to deadlines and timelines is a must. Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are required. Must demonstrate a strong capacity to work in a team environment, as well as independently. Must be able to adjust to multiple and shifting priorities, be meticulous and organized, thorough and detailed; be able to meet deadlines and manage time effectively. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, including proof reading, grammar and spelling.


This is an unpaid internship. Length and schedule of internship are negotiable.  Please send email with cover letter and resume.   No applications will be considered without a formal cover letter.  Send resume and cover letter to:

Alissa Sauer
Account Executive

2009 Agency of the Year* Offers Its Biannual Student Workshop


Twice a year The Martin Agency conducts a popular Student Workshop program for college students interested in pursuing a career in advertising.   Ms. Allison Mays [] shared a description of the objectives, timing and format below.

Workshop Objectives

The Martin Agency Student Workshop is designed for college students interested in pursuing a career in advertising or a related field.  It is our hope that through the experience, the students will gain a better understanding of the industry and the unique environment characteristic to advertising agencies. Participants benefit from gaining insight into an often-misunderstood field, and the agency benefits as it helps encourage talented, bright and ambitious young people to pursue an advertising career.

Program Description

The Student Workshop is a 10-day program held at The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.  It is limited to 15 students and is held every June and January.  The next workshop is scheduled for January 5-14, 2011.  The application is due October 29th.

The program consists of interactive seminars and lectures about advertising and the agency business.  The seminar topics include, but are not limited to media, account management, strategic planning and landing a job in the industry. Additionally, the students will work on a case study project for the duration of the Workshop. The project, based on an actual client situation, is to concept, create and present an integrated marketing and communications program, including ads.

Students should email Ms. Allison Mays [] for more information and the application or check out the Martin Agency Student Workshop Facebook page.  Follow the Martin Agency on Twitter at

*Picked by Ad Week magazine.

McKinney Advertising is seeking a Project Coordinator

Jesse Wright (@wjessewright), a JMU Marketing/SMAD ’08 grad, recently informed me that McKinney Advertising is looking for “Project Coordinator.”   This is an entry-level position that involves working on national advertising campaigns with companies such as Nationwide Insurance, Travelocity, EAS Nutrition, Qwest Communications, Gold’s Gym, Nike, and more.  I hear that McKinney is an awesome place to work.  Visit for a link to the Project Coordinator job description and the application to upload your resume and LinkedIn profile.  McKinney is interviewing this week and next so you are advised to move on this opportunity quickly if interested.

Finding Free or Low-cost Images for Student Websites

One of my MKTG 470 students recently asked where and how to find free images for his website.  Kudos to my JMU Marketing student for understanding and respecting the intellectual property and copyright of others.

Be careful about doing a search in Google Images or Bing Images.  While you will likely to see many attractive images on their search engine results (SERP) pages, it may be difficult to determine the exact nature of the copyright.  To avoid legal entanglements, consider going to websites that clearly explain the restrictions regarding image use.  For example, outlines the terms of use on their homepage and Flickr provides searching based on license type.

Some sites provide free images, some provide royalty free photos that can be used openly by paying one-time usage rights, and some require more significant fees for long-term use.   Below are a few resources that I prefer (free and paid).  If there are others that you would like to recommend, feel free to contact me or provide a comment on this blog post.

To compress your images, check out

Twitter IDs from MKTG 470 Students (Fall 2010)

Follow my MKTG 470 class in Twitter.

Pamela Arias PamAriasT
Drew Baer baerandrew
Evan Balaber balabeeb
Brittany Barber brittany926b
Linn Baumgardt LinnGB
Brittany Bazzle brittanybazzle
Joshua Berndt joshberndt12
Sarah Bonner smb1213
Heather Cabot heathcabot
Brett Cabrera bcab17
Patty Caltabiano PattyCaltabiano
Lauren Catino laurencatino
Nathan Chua natechua
Daniel Connell danconnell92
Larissa Cookson Cooksonlh
David Crimmel Dcrimmel
Jessica Dante Jessdante
Casey Davenport CaseyDavenport
Melissa DeFuria MDeFuria
Nicole DiSalvo nicole11675
Matthew Dixon dixonmr19
Timothy Donohue tjdonohue22
John Giardiniere johnaron
Jessica Hall jesslhall
Lauren Hall hall2lj
Erika Hard erikagraham5
Lindsay Keller lindskeller
Nadia Khan khannf
Christopher Kilgus bigpapasmurff
Kyle Lane MastaLane
Sarah Longwell lo_sr
Kathryn Macrides kmacrides
Jason Magee jasonrmagee
Ashley Magness magnesam
Katie Marcello ktmarcello
Meaghan McDonald McDonaldMK3
Dana McManamon mcmanade
David Meyer dmeyer489
Ryan Miley RyanAMiley
Jaclyn Misiag misiagjm
Kendall New kendallnew
Nicole Parros nicoleparros
Gary Politi gpoliti
Emily Power emily_power
Sarah Pryor SBPry
Brett Raeburn brettrae
Scott Redgate redgatst
Jeanne Roberts JLRroberts
Jared Ruppert RuppertJMU
Carolyn Russell carolynerussell
Jessica Schwenk jessa888
Elizabeth Schwieder ekschwieder
Emily Senn sennem
Karen Stefanski stefanskr
KC Stottlar KCStottlar
Amanda Thompson amndalht
Juan Tisera tiserajm
Amy Todd amytodd818
Emily Troxel MLEEAnn09
Heather Trumble htrumble
Stephanie Van Deusen shvandeusen
Dana Verner vernerdana
Andrew Voigt awvoigt
Kendall Walton IKendallAshley
Katie Ward kayteeward
Melissa Williams MSWilliams424
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