How to Exclude Pages from Main Navigation in WordPress

I found an  interesting WordPress plug-in that I wanted to share.  Many MKTG 470 students from my fall 2010 sections  have been asking how to exclude WordPress pages from their main navigational bar.  By default, WordPress adds each new page to the main navigational bar.  Other than publishing pages privately, there hasn’t been an easy way to keep some pages out of your nav bar.

The “Page Link Manager” plug-in helps you control which pages do and do not appear in your main nav bar.  After installing and activating the plug-in, it should be installed in the Tools menu under the name “Page Link”.  Open up the plug-in and it will list all of the pages within your site.  Simply click which pages to exclude from the main navigation.

Please leave a comment if you found this plug-in to be useful.

Reminder for my MKTG 470 students:  If you use Google Analytics you MUST have a privacy policy on your website.  You can remove the privacy policy from your main navigational bar, but it must be accessible from somewhere on your website.

9 Comments on "How to Exclude Pages from Main Navigation in WordPress"

  1. I just installed the “Page Link Manager” plug-in on my website to exclude my Privacy Policy from the main navigation. It took about 1 minute to install and the small privacy policy link on the bottom of my home page still leads to my privacy policy. Thanks Dr. Clarke!


  2. I also installed this plug-in this morning to my website since I was having troubles with displaying my Privacy Policy and it seems to be working just fine. My Privacy Policy is no longer in my top navigation bar and the link at the bottom of my page now works. Thanks Dr. Clarke!


  3. I installed the “Page Link Manager” plug in on my website and found it to be extremely helpful. I used it to exclude my privacy policy from the navigation bar and it still allowed me to have a link to my privacy policy on the bottom of my home screen. Thank you Dr. Clarke for suggesting this great plug-in.


  4. I just installed the “Page Link Manager” plug into my website! Very easy to install and now my Privacy Policy no longer exists in my navigation bar, but is still accessible at the bottom of my page. Thanks Dr. Clarke.


  5. This blog was extremely helpful in guiding me through the steps of excluding a page link. the privacy policy now appears only at the bottom of my site, not wasting valuable space in the navigation bar. Thanks Dr. C.


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