SEO Optimization Exercise Using the Phrase “JMU Marketing”

In my MKTG 470 class at James Madison University, we have explored various aspects of search engine marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC).

SEO Exercise

As an application of SEO, my students were tasked with learning how to optimize any one web page or blog post within their site using the phrase “JMU Marketing“.  Prior to the exercise, students performed a diagnostic test to determine where their site currently ranked organically using the phrase “JMU Marketing“.  In the majority of cases, my 66 students reported that their page was not found within the first twenty search engine results pages (SERPs).

After three weeks of SEO efforts, most students saw an improvement in organic rankings based on their initial diagnostic test.  I wish to congratulate all of my students for their performance in optimizing a page or post using the phrase  “JMU Marketing“.  The highest performing students, representing  the top 25% of the class (16 out of 66 students), when using Google include the following:

  1. Sarah BonnerJMU Marketing Category
  2. Matthew DixonMy Journey of Becoming a JMU Marketing Student
  3. Brittany BarberJMU Marketing Student’s Course Review
  4. Drew Baer
  5. Brett Cabrera
  6. Ashley MagnessJMU Marketing
  7. Patty CaltabianoJMU Marketing:  A Student’s Perspective
  8. Nathan Chua
  9. Nadia Khan
  10. Nicole DiSalvo
  11. KC Stottlar
  12. Nicole Parros
  13. Melissa Williams
  14. Brittany BazzleJMU Marketing 470 Guest Speaker
  15. Erika HardJMU Marketing:  My New WordPress Theme
  16. Elizabeth Schwieder –  Internships and JMU’s Marketing Program

Congratulations to all students for making such great improvements in their organic rankings and for showcasing their understanding of SEO.

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