Spring 2015 Best IMC Plan in Class Awards

Kreate Marketing
Spring 2015 Winners of the Best IMC Plan in Course Award: Taylor Glazebrook, Drew Dyer, and Morgan Foran

Congratulations to KREATE Marketing for earning the top award for the spring 2015 semester!

As is customary in my Integrated Marketing Communications class (MKTG 384) at James Madison University, students vote for the “Best IMC Plan” after viewing all presentations in their section.  There were sixteen teams in my two sections this semester.  Based on the student votes, six of the spring 2015 teams emerged as winners:

2:30 Section Winners:

Best in Section Award:  Heading Direct (36%  of their section’s vote)
Alex Adley, AmyGoffe, Brian Reuss, and Max Truchen

Honorable Mention (three-way tie):  Advanced Ambition (18% of their section’s vote)
Hao Dang, Tommy O’Connor, Drew Tsitos, and Casey Sayre

Honorable Mention (three-way tie):  Digital Crusaders (18% of their section’s vote)
Greg Kozlowski, Taylor Neff, Andres Neira, and Meghan Person

Honorable Mention (three-way tie):  Fantastic Four (18% of their section’s vote)
Rachel Dansey, Jacob Shibley, Chris Talbot, and Allison Tugentman

4:00 Section Winners:

Best in Course and Best in Section Award:  Kreate Marketing (71% of their section’s vote)
Drew Dyer, Morgan Foran, and Taylor Glazebrook

Honorable Mention:  Jacked Marketing (12% of their section’s vote)
Anne Delafield, Heather Luing, Joe Nisivoccia, and Johnny Robbins

My spring 2015 IMC students are to be commended for completing a very challenging course project.  I wish them all the very best as they complete their marketing education at JMU and move into the practitioner world.

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