Facilitating Achievement in the Google Online Marketing Challenge

On March 30, 2012 I will make a presentation at the Marketing Management Association Annual Conference in Chicago on Facilitating Achievement in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.  My presentation will refer to various resources I use when coaching/teaching  MKTG 490 at James Madison University.  Some of the resources were created by me and some were created by Google.  I wanted to share these resources to help others who want to learn how to teach the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

Note:  I use Google Docs to create many of the “forms” listed below.  One of the nicest features of Google Docs is the ability to review all of the associated form data embedded within Google Docs spreadsheet.  While you are welcome to view the online forms, I can’t share them because I must protect the confidential student data.  Learn how to create forms using Google Docs.

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My Google Challenge Resources

Google’s Challenge Resources

  • Test Study Guide for the course test (basically it is the study guide for the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam)
  • Good example reports from the 2011 Challenge (Source:  http://www.google.com/onlinechallenge/judging.html)
  • Details on the evaluation criteria are in the Competition Guidelines
  • The Google Challenge Guide
  • AdWords Editor makes it easy to update AdWords. Work offline, then upload your changes any time.Make bulk changes (such as updating bids or adding keywords) in just a few steps.  Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns. Navigate through your account quickly and easily. Circulate proposed changes and get feedback from other users.  Special thanks to Debra Zahay Blatz (Debra Zahay) for providing this information the Google Online Marketing Challenge Facebook Page (an unofficial page associated with the Google Challenge).

I welcome your comments and suggestions for additional resources for this page.

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