Thanks to Google from the AdWords Business Global Winners of the 2017 GOMC

On behalf of the 2017 AdWords Business Global Winners from James Madison University, Michelle Mullins (Team Captain), Caroline Galiwango, Raquel Sheriff, and George Shtern, thank you to all of the Googlers, especially Lindsay Keller, for hosting us at Google headquarters last week. We had such an informative and fun visit in an exciting day full of great sessions, unexpected surprises, many laughs, and lots of sweet treats.  I am confident it was an experience we shall always treasure and remember.  Thank you.


Theresa Clarke Googleplex
At the Googleplex with three generations of former students: Caroline Galiwango (’17), George Shtern (’17), Lindsay Keller (’11), Theresa Clarke, Michelle Mullins (’17), Raquel Sherrif (’17), and Sarah Carpenter (’12).


Theresa Clarke, JMU Professor, with her students at the Googleplex.

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