Yoga Mat Review: The Manduka Black Mat Pro – Limited Edition Yoga Mat, Black Magic, 71 Inch Length in Purple

I’ve recently become quite fascinated with yoga and wanted to share the passion I have for my brand new mat. People who are just getting started with yoga may or may not care what mat they use, but I feel that the mat makes a world of difference.

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Manduka black magic yoga mat
The Manduka Black Magic Yoga Mat

You absolutely need a great Yoga mat.  The mat is your private and sacred space to escape the distractions of the world for a brief period of time.  If you are not totally comfortable on your mat and you do not feel a strong foundation, yoga can be a struggle instead of a positive experience.  

When I first started doing yoga, the biggest problem encountered was slipping on my mat.  I wanted a non-slip  mat where I could count on a good grip with no worries about my feet or hands sliding at all.  It took me a few mats to find the right one and I finally found the perfect mat.  It was the Manduka Black Mat Pro – Limited Edition Yoga Mats, Black Magic, 71 Inch Length

Overall the Manduka mat was a lot more expensive than I ever had intended to pay for a good yoga mat.  As soon as I saw and felt this mat, I knew that it was the perfect one for me, but I hesitated on the purchase because it was so expensive.  For several months, I kept looking around for lower-priced mats with the same non-slip feel as the Manduka.  Ultimately, I bought the mat (in purple) and have absolutely no regrets.  I LOVE my Manduka Black Mat Pro and know it will last a long time.

Pros:  I rarely ever slip.  It feels totally solid.  The “JMU purple” color is rich, beautiful, and calming. It’s the perfect mat for my yoga. 

Cons:  Expensive compared to other mats.  Heavy to carry. 

Tip:  Regardless of what kind of mat you select, if you have too much lotion on your hands and feet, you are going to slip. If you are interested in trying out the Manduka mat, I suggest buying it from since returns are easy.  If you have any questions about this or any other yoga mat, I welcome your comments.  Namaste.

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