JMU IMC Plan Awards for MKTG 384 Students from Spring 2018

This semester in my MKTG 384 course, students were challenged to develop an IMC Plan for a snack bar.  Based on our research, we determined that there are over 50 brands alone just in the U.S.  Among those brands, these were the top snack bars in the consideration set of Millennials.

Student teams selected a different snack bar and then created an IMC campaign designed to get U.S. Millennials more interested in purchasing their brand.  The brands for each team are presented below:

At the end of the semester after class presentations, students voted for the team that should be granted the “Best IMC Plan in Class” Award.  Further, each person gets to nominate a team member (sometimes two members get nominated by one person) for MVP.

I am delighted to announce the student MVPs, team winner, and team runner-up for the spring 2018 semester.

Students selected these teammates as MVPs:

  • Kalen Bushong and Julie Vail (tie) from Klub Sandlot
  • Jacqeline O’Shea from Living Lavish
  • Tommy Stabile from Money Team
  • Melissa Hadley from Notorious Creative
  • Heather Richardson from Original Gangsters
  • Nina Berry from Purple Dukes

Based on student votes, the overall winning team for Best-in-Class is Purple Dukes for their IMC Plan on LÄRABAR.  Congratulations to Alex Cole (Team Captain), Austin Eacho, Trevor Fyfe, Ryan Cook, and Nina Berry.

Purple Dukes - MKTG 384 - Dr. T. Clarke
Alex Cole (Team Captain), Austin Eacho, Trevor Fyfe, Ryan Cook, and Nina Berry

Here are some of the student comments about their IMC plan :

Picked a difficult execution and did it very well.  Lively presentation and clearly presented.  Makes me want to try Lara bar.

The Purple Dukes not only had a wonderful plan, but presentation as well.  The plan was creative, funny, exciting, colorful, and they portrayed that in their presentation.  The ads were wonderful and history overview was the best summary presented today.

They had the most memorable one with great and very descriptive humor in their campaign.  Everyone was really good, this was the most memorable team.

The overall campaign ties together well.  Ads will be very effective.

Their IMC Plan was the most out of the box, creative, and meaningful.  It didn’t get lost among the healthy bars.  The commercials sole me because they integrated humor with a slice of life execution which was effective and not cheesy.  By far the best because of their obvious efforts and creativity.

I think they used humor perfectly and were very creative.  Using humor can be hard but they did an awesome job.

I chose Purple Dukes because they were able to provide great information about their brand and product, while also using humor very well to capture attention.

Very funny storyboards, good target audience personas, and like how they talked about the appeals they used.

It was a very well executed plan that I believe will actually work in the real world.  Loved the creative strategy and how the team implemented it into media channels.

They were the only group to really talk about their appeal and execution.  They commercial ideas were hilarious which I loved.  It was the only group that really convinced me to try their bar.

Well thought out and they executed humor appeals very well.  I could actually see the commercials being effective.  Great job!

Executed humor flawlessly.  Millennials love humor.  A solid, coherent plan overall.

They have strong promotion concepts and research.  They had a funny and engaging presentation.  They explained targeting to Millennials very well.

I really liked using the humor and emotional appeal for the media plan.  I believe they created the media plan really well to connect a lot of touchpoints.

I really liked their creative strategy.  In my opinion, they had the best advertisement ideas.  They were also extremely creative.

Very well thought out with several sources and uses of influence.  Plan and strategy were extremely consistent and they used a lot of IMC terminology.

The spring 2018 runner-up team was Notorious Creative due to receiving the second highest number of votes and very good qualitative feedback.  Congratulations to Melissa Hadley (Team Captain), Robert Aparicio, Seth Salisbury, Josh Ferero, and Kaelyn Heard.

Melissa Hadley, Robert Aparicio, Seth Salisbury, Josh Ferero, and Kaelyn Heard.

Here are some of the student comments about Notorious Creative’s IMC plan :

Amazing graphics, well thought out ideas and can tell a lot of work went in to it.

Seemed very well prepared.  Ad examples were very good.  Free box giveaway was a good idea.

Explained everything well, gave insights, had great ideas.

Best presentation, best PowerPoint.  Their integration was overall the best.  Statistics support what they were doing/planning.

They had a well-prepared and well-organized presentation.  Presented all the information that was needed and made it engaging.

Very professional slide show and speaking presentation.  Impressed with the campaign as a whole and the ideas displayed throughout.  The breadth of their creative strategy was comprehensive.

It was definitely the most professionally done plan and presentation.  It was clear they did a lot of research and put in more effort than most other teams.

Congratulations to my spring 2018 class for their great work on the snack bar IMC Plan project.

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