Fall 2017 “Best IMC Plan in Class” and MVP Awards for MKTG 384

MKTG 384 students from my fall semester class had a very challenging project where they developed an integrated marketing communications plan for the Sierra Club. The plans aimed to increase membership at two different levels (Members and Wilderness Guardians) as well as help Sierra Club advocates become more engaged in the organization and motivated to become further educated about Sierra Club initiatives.  It was a really tough project with a lot of intricate parts, but I am really proud of their work.

Each semester my MKTG 384 students vote for the team that most deserves the “Best IMC Plan in Class’ Award and each person gets to nominate a team member (sometimes two members get nominated by one person) for MVP.  I’m pleased to announce the team winners, team runners-up, and student MVPs for my fall 2017 sections.

In the 2:30p section, the winning team is All Stars!  Congratulations to Ida Britez, Tony Campos, Emily Evans, Shannon Evans, and Chris Seeman.

The group voted for Shannon Evans as the team’s MVP.

Left to Right:  Tony Campos, Ida Britez, Emily Evans, Shannon Evans, and Chris Seeman (Team Captain)

Here are some of the student comments about their plan and presentation:

Easy to follow, nice graphics which made it easy to follow.  Explained everything well.

They had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve out of their campaign.  Their slides were very well put together.  They also backed up all their strategies with research.

Well-organized and most creative ideas.

Loved the idea of having an event/festival because it directly targeted their market effectively and was very creative.

They were the clearest and its obvious they worked hard.

They had such a unique presentation and their event matched their target audience.

Very well prepared, seemed to have put a lot of research and time into their plan.

Very coordinated and prepared.  Showed they put forth a lot of effort.  Very well done presentation of how they will approach each persona.

In depth, visually appealing, great ideas.

Most prepared and thought they did a great job as a team and picked presenters nicely.

I know they put so much time and energy into making their project great.  Their graphics were the best and I like the festival idea.


In the 4:00p section, the winning team is Eggz Benedictz!  Congratulations to Sean Button, Jack Gilbert, Emily Hanbury, Keely Harvey, Pauline Kidder, and Ellie Lutes.

The group voted for Pauline Kidder as their team MVP.

Left to Right:  Sean Button, Pauline Kidder, Emily Hanbury (Team Captain), Jack Gilbert, Ellie Lutes, and Keely Harvey

Here are some of the student comments about their plan and presentation:

Well thought out and practiced.  Good ideas,objectives, and visuals.

Best IMC Plan based on the organization of the media plan timeline (repeated emails) meaning more exposure to the media.

Best campaign theme.

I really enjoyed the birthday theme and focus on the #Next125Years.  It was a very appealing and well put together campaign.

Slides were professional.  Good ideas (loved the Costa Rica trip).  Presented well.  Video was cool and definitely caught the eye of the person watching.

Had everything laid out.  Obvious a lot of time and work was put into it.  Well done overall.

Everything was clear and connected.  Brand personality – liked the racoon and postcards.  Detailed.

I thought it was smart to emphasize the 125th birthday.  Everything was consistent and presenters seemed knowledgeable about what they were saying.


Two teams tied for runner-up due to receiving the second highest number of votes and great qualitative feedback.  These teams are Golden G.O.A.T.s and Happy Earth.

Mary Kate Pierpoint, Left to Right: Brian Cusack (Team Captain), Kaitlin Martindale, Kristin Leu, and Mitch Meleski

Left to Right: Ray Akhonbay, Melissa Meyers (Team Captain), Alex Grant, Victoria Washington, and Jake Vogt
The Golden G.O.A.T.s vote resulted in a tie for MVP between Mary Kate Pierpoint and Kristen Leu. Happy Earth selected Victoria Washington as their team MVP.

Students voted as MVPs from other teams were:  Andrea Admana, Cindy Cruz, Jordan DeCesare, Courtney Farmer, Alex Krial, and Kayla Soltis.

Congratulations to all of my fall 2017 students in MKTG 384 for a job well done on a very challenging project.

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