JMU Students Earn Google AdWords Certification with Search Advertising Specialization

Google AdWords Qualified Individual LogoEight James Madison University marketing students recently passed the required exams and demonstrated proficiency in necessary subject areas critical to gaining competence in Google AdWords.  Google awarded these students with an AdWords Individual Qualification with specialization in Search Advertising.  By passing the examinations in this  globally recognized program, individuals are qualified to effectively manage Google AdWords campaigns using the latest tools and best practice techniques.

I am so very proud of these students from my MKTG 490 (Google Online Marketing Challenge) course.  Congratulations is extended to

Blaine Anderson

Nicole Behr

Sarah Carpenter

Jacqueline Cheff

Jason Gannon

Rachel Krause

Zeke Lukow

Katie Wurdack

Learn more about about how to become individually qualified in Google AdWords.

6 Comments on "JMU Students Earn Google AdWords Certification with Search Advertising Specialization"

  1. Kevin, thanks for the great image about branding. I’ll be sure to show that to my students.



  2. I’ll reach out to these students and ask that they contact you if they are interested in helping with your AdWords efforts.



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