How JMU Marketing Students Can Practice Interviewing Skills

I often assume that marketing majors know how to market themselves.  Just because these students chose marketing as a major, are studying marketing, and are taking marketing classes, including a class in professional selling, it does not mean everyone knows how to transfer those skills to the marketing of themselves, especially during an interview.

If you need to brush up on your interviewing skills, schedule an appointment with JMU’s Office of Career and Academic Planning (CAP).  They offer a number of great services pertaining to interviewing and networking strategies.

Check out the CAP webpage on interviewing skills to better understand the process of interviewing, make the best impression during an interview, and learn strategies for dealing with difficult interview questions.  Also read about InterviewStream under the “Practice your Interview Skills” section.  This service allows JMU students to conduct free, online practice interviews with a webcam.

For more information, please contact our CAP Liaison to the College of Business:

Chad Gensel




Chad Gensel, MA
Academic & Career Advisor
Liaison to the College of Business
Career and Academic Planning
Wilson Hall 301

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