My favorite tool for social media time management: HootSuite

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

My students often ask how I have time to be so active in social media channels.  My trick is a fabulous tool called HootSuite. HootSuite has a very flexible layout and lets you manage multiple accounts. For example, I have personal social media accounts as well as business-based social media accounts. HootSuite allows me to look at all of these accounts collectively yfrom one main dashboard. Other great features are the capability to schedule tweets and statistics provided about click performance. Similar to URL shortening services like, HootSuite has a similar service. Try out HootSuite today.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

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  1. 100% agreed – word to word! To me Social Media is the most hyped around buzz word of current times. We all know it; We all understand it; And we all are, well at times, upset about it. I have tried to use simple techniques like “Learn about Time Management”, “Define your goals properly”, “Prioritize your activities”, etc. to make sure I don’t get addicted and glued to my facebook account all the time. I have tried to capture all that in my blog:

    Hope it will help others too.



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