The Winning Professional and Creative Photos for Fall 2017 IMC Teams

As a group assignment, students in my Integrated Marketing Communications (MKTG 384) course were tasked with submitting two photos of their project team.  One photo was designated as the team’s Professional Photo and the other was the Creative Photo.

After conducting a vote to determine the class favorites, I am pleased to announce the winners for the fall 2017 semester.

Congratulations to Bob’s Burgers for Best Professional Team Photo and Dazzling Dukes for Best Creative Team Photo.

Students on the winning teams will earn bonus points on this assignment for their professional and creative photographic efforts.

Best Professional Team Photo for Fall 2017.  Left to Right: Will Watson, Cindy Cruz, Kayla Soltis, McKayla Sims, Brianna Boykin, and Eric Jeffers
Best Creative Team Photo for Fall 2017 Left to Right: Tim Lorzin, Hannah Doyle, Jessica Tan, Carolina Heisler, Andrea Admanda, and Eric Ballman

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