Four Teams Earn IMC Plan Awards for Spring 2017 in MKTG 384

My spring 2017 students in MKTG 384 demonstrated very thoughtful IMC plans that were full of creativity.  Every team truly did a wonderful job!

At the end of the semester, students vote for the “Best IMC Plan” after viewing all presentations.  I am pleased to announce that four teams are receiving recognition this semester based on the student votes.  Below each team’s photo are comments from their peers.

Jami Adler, Keyanna Gibson, Savannah Kerchner, Alyson Kroll, Ornell Islam, Frans Nicholas

“Unique idea and they had promotional strategies that seemed to align with the target market.  Theirs was very easy to follow and had no major problems.  I loved it!”

“Very nice presentation overall as well as a great story using a lot of local facts.”

“Clean presentation throughout the slides.  Good integration between all media.  Loved the logos and creative name.  Clean ads.  Sold the product as a piece of the community.  Overall it was the best one that I didn’t have any issue with and I’ve seen a lot of creative plans.”

“I really enjoyed the the presentation.  They incorporated several topics and tips from class.  I enjoyed their advertisements and color scheme.  Really liked the self-mailer.”

“The dove idea was very unique and creative.  They highlighted the fact that you are doing something good by purchasing.  I like the doing good aspect of it.  Their advertisements were great as well.  They used a lot of things learned in class like the pop-up.”

“They had the best visuals and graphics in the class.  They had several promotional materials that they explained very well all throughout the presentation.  The “peaceful” idea with the dove was what sold me.”

“This team clearly did their research and seemed to understand what IMC is all about.”

“I think that they had a very universal concept that would really sell in stores.  Their visual plan was very  organized.”

“Their approach seems best for the area we were limited to.  I think it would appeal to most people in the area and also stay aligned with the client’s values.”

“This group had a great major selling idea.  Everyone wants peace.  They had great promotional mix strategies with all good designs.  The target markets were very relatable and realistic.  All their slides were organized and straight to the point.”

“They had a very creative product name and their packaging was very attractive.  Their advertising methods and the way they used their budget was good.”


Organized Chaos:  Blue Bowen Briana Cifelli, Nina Coffaro, Laine Hamilton, Haley Nininger, Joel Siliadin

“I enjoyed the creativity and design.  The angle of advertising the blemishes was cool.”

“I think this group had the best overall presentation.  They executed the best and all of their information worked well on its own.”

“I thought they had a really good campaign idea that was incorporated throughout all touchpoints.  I think it would get people’s attention.”

“I like the name, their ads were very bold and easy to read.  Their event in the Arboretum was creative.”

“I loved their idea of selling the blemish aspect of the product.  Very risky but a good idea.”

“This group had a very interesting approach as well as visually appealing presentation.  They had a unique selling idea as well as a budget and integration map.”

“Really  liked major selling idea – unique way to challenge society’s norms.  Graphics and visuals were by far the best.”

“The presentation overall is very clear.  The objectives are detailed and get the point across.  The graphic images were well done and very unique.”

“I think aspects of the plan were very eye-catching and just very well done.  The major selling idea relates to issues in society, which will entice people to buy it.  Overall the visual pieces were very well done.”


Lucky Leapfrogs:  Emilou Landas, Travis May, Katina Robinson, Brian Sweeter, Katie Winesett, Greta Wolking

“The packaging and labeling made the product seem more of a luxury; which was consistent with their product positioning.  Good promotional ideas.”

“I feel they offered the best integration throughout their plan.  The creative strategy made sense with the target they were trying to reach, and I thoroughly enjoyed their plan.  If I was shopping for this product, that is the one I would have purchased.”

“Very specific, organized, good ideas, split up nicely, overall understood their IMC plan the most as well as how they would carry out their plan.  They presented it in an organized and aesthetic manner.”

“I think that they had an integrated plan that was thought well-through.  I liked the ties into wineries, as there are so many around Harrisonburg. The labeling fit the theme of the sleek design.”

“Their ideas for advertising were the best I have seen out of everyone.  The sweepstakes and events went very well for their target markets and were just great ideas in general.  Very strong advertising plan for a local market.”

“Overall had one of the best presentations as well as product name.  Seemed to understand what the client was looking for and executed their marketing plan excellently.  They differentiated themselves with Crosskeys and overall had one of the best plans in the class!”

“They were extremely consistent with their creative strategy.  They also had a unique idea to partner with Cross Keys.  They also had a great brand image.”

“The group convinced me that the luxury product look and feel could really be successful.  The sleek black look along with their strategies could definitely work and be a successful campaign.”

“I thought this was the most thought-out and visually appealing visual summary.  I loved the contrast and imagery.  Overall, from the content of the IMC process to the attractiveness and appeal of the presentation, I truly thought that this was the best plan overall.”

Third Place:  PURPLE PASTA
Gianna Arango, Abigail Benchimol, Maureen Bradley, Kayla Rodrigues, Chris Ogunfowora, Matthew Wallace

“Very unique marketing strategy using individual cups as a form of distribution.  It allows the product to be versatile and appeal to multiple different target segments. Selling idea was creative and set a straight-forward message to who you wanted to appeal to.”

“Their product is very unique and original.  I really enjoyed the single serving approach.  The presentation was put together nicely and flowed very well.”

“I love the idea of on-the-go.  I think they’d get a lot of market share with it.  The “dip it, spread it, pour it, savor it” was a good promotional approach.  It’s a different idea and not on the market yet from what I know.”

“They were the only group to not market it simply as a jar.  They did single serving cups.  The slogan was very creative and stuck in my head.  Their overall presentation was clear and efficient.”

“This had the coolest design layout and concept to go along with it.  The “pour it, dip it…..” is really cool.  The visuals are flawless.  People are going towards not big jars, but single servings.”

“I think that this group had one of the most unique and creative approaches to creating the IMC plan.  I think that the single serving sized packets will really appeal to the target market and will stand out in grocery stores among all of the other pesto brands.  I really like their idea to add facts about homelessness awareness under the lids of the packets because it will keep consumers engaged with their brand, even post-purchase, and it also could help the community by making people want to help/donate in addition to the plan itself.  The visual summary was appealing to the eye and very professionally put together.”

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