How to Teach Search Engine Marketing Through Google Ad Grants

I recently co-authored “Teaching Search Engine Marketing Through the Google Ad Grants Program” with Jamie Murphy, Lyle Wetsch, and Harold Boeck, which will be published in the June 2018 volume of Marketing Education Review.  We address the critical and challenging issue of teaching students one of the most in-demand skills sought by today’s marketing employers, search engine marketing (SEM).

The underpinnings of our paper build upon our collective experience exploring how Google Ad Grants for nonprofit clients can be incorporated into marketing pedagogy. The paper provides direction on how to apply for the grants and offers several ideas for utilizing grants in a variety of ways.

We find that the grants are a promising teaching tool and result in a highly rewarding experience for both students and clients. As the digital marketing industry is dynamic and moves fast, we believe the paper to be a meaningful contribution to the marketing pedagogical literature.

On behalf of my co-authors, we hope you enjoy learning how to Teach SEM with Google Ad Grants and we encourage you to share your experiences.

Theresa B. Clarke, Jamie Murphy, Lyle R. Wetsch & Harold Boeck (2018) TEACHING SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING THROUGH THE GOOGLE AD GRANTS PROGRAM, Marketing Education Review, DOI: 10.1080/10528008.2018.1448282

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